The Examining Room of Dr. Charles is a blog about life in medicine.  I write about medical news, clinical studies, and curious bits of knowledge.  In addition to joining real-time conversations about select medical items and current scientific events, I hope to post a few reflective vignettes and poems.

I find that in writing about medicine, I am a better doctor for it. The poetry of people’s lives, their loves, ills, and struggles is more easily perceived and appreciated. In writing about the ever-improving body of medical knowledge, I stay better informed. In writing about my life in medicine, I sustain my energies in a healing art that has existed for as long as people have felt pain and tried to help one another with it. The reflective moment, embodied in the art, analysis, and literature we create, brings light to our present endeavors.

I am a family medicine physician, and “Dr. Charles” is my pen name.  Home-grown tomatoes have a special place in my heart. I regret that I cannot and do not provide any medical advice on this site. Please read through the tedious disclaimer. Thank you for visiting!

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