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  1. Owen

    The blood sports, throwing the slaves to the lions, appealing to the base instincts of the masses. Put a beer in their hands and it is twice as enjoyable.

    Absolutely hate it, but if the romans enjoyed it 2000 years ago, you can bet your socks that they will be playing it to the masses in another 2000 years time.

  2. braindame

    I grew up huge fan and still love the game but do find it increasingly difficult to watch. Have recently written several pieces on this topic for national neurosurgery mag-helped me to clear my thoughts…I think the increasing violence is a reflection of greater spread of abilities, also think the aggression related to testosterone stoking (if not steroid then these other “supplements”) is is terrible filter down to the college and high school level.

  3. Chairman Meow

    Joe Paterno recently proposed having players not use facemasks. I think something like this might actually help, as players currently have no fear when hitting.

    My kids are never playing football…

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