I walked past this advertisement posted at a bus stop the other day and had to pause. It announces a new medication for the treatment of HIV-related belly fat, or lipodystrophy. It is remarkable for many reasons, but perhaps most strikingly it represents the latest sign that the battle against HIV/AIDS has further matured into […]

The Dangers of Fracking for Natural Gas

I’d like to post an email I received from a friend: Hello All, I am writing this letter to you because I am truly fearful for our country, my own children and their children. The only way that I can think of combating this fear is to try and let people know what we have […]

Is There a Chocolate Conspiracy?

It seems that study after study has been touting the benefits of chocolate – eat more of the (delicious!) dark stuff and you might find yourself losing weight, suffering fewer or less severe heart attacks, possessing cleaner arteries, and having a lower blood pressure. Despite the theoretical explanations for chocolate‚Äôs health benefits, it is usually […]

Pollution Inside Your Home

You may have already heard that the air inside our homes is more polluted than the air in most modern, industrial cities. As the winter months approach, and as we batten down the hatches to stay warm and cut down our heating bills, it is important to remember the potential hidden costs to our health. […]

Hot Start

by C.B. When I find the center of your center I’ll unwind you And coil you around myself instead And slide my fingers down your seams And dreamily undo you Make spaghetti of your arching primal spires By candle flame, I’ll dextrously denature all that tethers you Until you quiver bodily A harp string And […]

Death’s Angel

by Jude Dippold When he lay dying, she crossed the backyard each day, carrying no more than her black bag full of love and morphine for the old man her children loved as a Grandpa. She had helped her own parents die just years before, but then she had no choice. Now old ties summoned […]


by Erica Tesla It began with the accident: three feet of lost flesh made way for plastic, the living and the inorganic interfaced, and I systematically learned again to grasp. When I get the other shoulder inked, I leave that arm covered. The parlor-man, he thinks he can suss me out: a hippie who mistook […]